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Why or why not to donate to Limitless Broadcasting Network?

Limitless Broadcasting Network™ is a startup television network/ media company. We are sitting at the bottom of a mountain that has been climbed many times by mega industries such as: TBS, TNN, CBS, ABC and NBC, but we believe that we have something new and fresh to give to the world of media.

It seems like over the past many years many mainstream media companies are focusing on reworking old movies or jumping on the comic book wagon, abandoning the large ocean of original possibilities. This has made the selection of media become very stale.

This is where Limitless Broadcasting Network comes in, because we want to dive into the depths and discover new original content to share with the world. From television programming to movie production and podcasting programs, we feel like the content ideas are endless and we want to share it all with you! But like in any industry, when starting out new and unknown it can be a fight against the Goliath of known names, mainstream complacency, and lack of funding.

Producing original programming is expensive and sometimes trying to do the ‘normal’ thing of getting a business loan is not feasible for this type of industry. This is where you come in. Do you wish there was more original content? Are you struggling to find something new to get excited about? Then we would love to partner with you!

Your donation will aid in the financing of equipment, new staff, and so much more that will feed into producing new content available to stream! Not only are we trying to make an impact in the world of media, but we want to create opportunities to achieve dreams in the community around us!

No matter where you are in life, if this is something the resonates with you, we would love to partner with you through a donation. The main ways to donate is through our patreon account and our PayPal account Limitless Broadcasting Network, but in-kind donations are also welcome! We want to thank you in advance for helping us meet not just our industry goals, but our community goals of being able to give back to the people who support and work with us!

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