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Step into the spine-chilling world of horror with “You Can’t Kill The Boogeyman,” a biweekly podcast hosted by the dynamic duo of fear, Robby and Sammi. As your dedicated Horror Hosts, they invite you to join them on a macabre journey through the darkest corners of their favorite horror films. Each episode promises a biweekly dose of terror and intrigue, as this eerie couple delves into the captivating and often terrifying realms of the horror genre.

In this dedicated podcast, Robby and Sammi share their passion for all things scary, offering listeners a front-row seat to their spooky cinematic adventures. From classic horror gems to contemporary fright fests, they fearlessly dissect and discuss the elements that make each film a bone-chilling masterpiece. Brace yourself for a bite-sized Halloween experience in every episode, as the hosts unwrap the mysteries behind the scares, the thrills, and the things that go bump in the night.

Whether you’re a seasoned horror enthusiast or someone looking to dip their toes into the creepy waters of the genre, “You Can’t Kill The Boogeyman” provides a perfect blend of entertainment and horror education. Join Robby and Sammi for an immersive and thrilling podcast experience that will leave you with goosebumps and a newfound appreciation for the art of horror storytelling. Get ready for a biweekly rendezvous with the things that make you shiver in the dark – because with “You Can’t Kill The Boogeyman,” the scares are endless.

About The Host


Robert Brooksby is the COO of 1950Studios™ and its subsidiary company, Limitless Broadcasting Network™, handing the day to day operations. He earned a degree in Telecommunications with an Emphasis in Digital Marketing and Video Production from Ball State University. He has been in the video production and digital marketing industry for about 15 years now. He has worked for many different production companies including marketing and reality tv, where he was a Production Assistant with a Travel Channel.

In every industry there are triumphs and there are struggles and as Robert has learned through both sides, he decided he wanted to start his own television network to secure his and his families future. His dream for L.B.N. is to become a staple in the industry along with others such as TBS, TNN, and Dreamworks. Through all his life struggles he realized that he could accomplish anything he wanted to if he just put his mind to it.


Samantha, aka Sammi, is the co-owner and CEO of 1950Studios™ and its subsidiary Limitless Broadcasting Network™. She graduated from Butler University with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2012, and currently lives in central Florida with Robert where she works full-time as a retail pharmacist.

As a founder of both companies, Samantha wears many hats, such as blog and copy writer, podcast host, audio editor, logo creator, production assistant, and whatever other shoes need filled at any given moment. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her German Shepherds, painting, going to the movies, and visiting the Walt Disney World Resort.

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