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Step into the captivating world of “Robby Reviews – A Movie Review Podcast,” a cinematic odyssey curated by the passionate cinephile, Robby. As your trusted guide through the ever-evolving landscape of film, Robby fearlessly dissects and celebrates the intricate tapestry of cinema. From the latest releases gracing the silver screen to timeless classics etched into the annals of film history, Robby’s unfiltered thoughts provide a nuanced perspective, making each episode an immersive exploration of storytelling, character development, and the magic that unfolds when the lights dim and the screen comes to life.

In each episode, Robby extends his discerning gaze to cult classics, those beloved treasures that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of cinema enthusiasts. With a genuine appreciation for the artistry that captivates audiences, Robby navigates through the nuances of each film, offering a blend of entertainment, education, and insightful critique. “Robby Reviews” is not just a podcast; it’s a celebration of the diverse and enchanting world of cinema, inviting both seasoned film buffs and casual moviegoers to join in the exploration of the good, the bad, and the unforgettable moments that make each frame tell a unique story.

Tune in to “Robby Reviews” and let Robby be your cinematic companion, providing concise yet insightful commentary on the magic that unfolds on the silver screen. Whether you’re seeking recommendations, analysis, or simply a shared passion for the art of filmmaking, Robby’s podcast promises to be your go-to destination for a curated and enjoyable cinematic experience.

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Robert Brooksby is the COO of 1950Studios™ and its subsidiary company, Limitless Broadcasting Network™, handing the day to day operations. He earned a degree in Telecommunications with an Emphasis in Digital Marketing and Video Production from Ball State University. He has been in the video production and digital marketing industry for about 15 years now. He has worked for many different production companies including marketing and reality tv, where he was a Production Assistant with a Travel Channel.

In every industry there are triumphs and there are struggles and as Robert has learned through both sides, he decided he wanted to start his own television network to secure his and his families future. His dream for L.B.N. is to become a staple in the industry along with others such as TBS, TNN, and Dreamworks. Through all his life struggles he realized that he could accomplish anything he wanted to if he just put his mind to it.

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